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Centro de Divulgación del Conocimiento Económico para la Libertad
"...La única forma de cambiar el curso de la sociedad
será cambiando las ideas" - Friedrich Hayek
"Una sociedad que priorice la igualdad por sobre la libertad no obtendrá ninguna de las dos cosas. Una sociedad que priorice la libertad por sobre la igualdad obtendrá un alto grado de ambas" - Milton Friedman
Rebel against America, Chavez urges Russia

Source: The Telegraph
by Carl Schrek

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, called on Russia to challenge America’s superpower status yesterday as part of a growing revolution against the “tyranny” of Washington.


Arriving in Moscow for what is believed to be an arms-buying spree, the extreme Left-wing Latin American leader urged Russians to revive the thinking of the founder of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin.

“They don’t want Russia to keep rising,” he said, referring to America. “But Russia has risen again as a centre of power and we, the people of the world, need Russia to become stronger.

“We should remember Vladimir Lenin and come back to his ideas, especially when it comes to anti-imperialism.”

Mr Chavez opened a cultural centre in Moscow, accompanied by a troupe of Venezuelan dancers and singers and a large delegation of military officers.

He is expected to address members of parliament today and go to the races with President Vladimir Putin in southern Russia on Saturday before travelling on to Belarus and Iran.

Mr Chavez, who frequently warns his countrymen of an imminent attack by the US, played down suggestions that he was in Moscow to seal a deal to buy Russian submarines.

The purchase would be the latest addition to a growing list of military hardware oil-rich Venezuela has bought in recent months, to America’s alarm.

Last year Venezuela spent £1.5 billion on helicopter gunships, fighter planes and rifles from Russia.

Mr Chavez hinted that helicopters might be next on his military shopping list before his departure for Moscow. In Belarus he is reportedly to discuss buying hardware for an air defence system.

The Venezuelan leader yesterday emphasised the need of cultural resistance to America’s “imperial bombardment”.

He also welcomed Russian investment in his country’s booming energy sector. He said that US companies unwilling to stick by Venezuela’s move toward nationalisation of oil resources should leave.

Mr Chavez has been feted during his visit. The Russian MP, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, said: “He’s the best president on the planet … There’s nothing wrong with Russia being friends with leaders who are anti-American because the whole world is anti-American.”

Source: The Telegraph