Venezuela Proxy War Ramp Up | Steve Hanke

Por: James Anderson

Silver and gold had solid weeks in positive price action.

The silver spot price appears to be closing at or just below the $16.00 oz level.

The spot gold price rose about $20 over the week, closing near the $1320 US dollar per troy ounce level.

As mentioned last week, we have a returning guest who took time to discuss the ongoing proxy war ramp up in Venezuela.

What does this former advisor the 1990s Venezuelan President have to say on the matter.

Who are the proxy war players? What are their interests?

How have seemingly endless sanctions by the Trump regime affected the intensifying situation?

Other topics include our guests actual policy prescriptions for failing fiat currency states. He has a track record of success in this department.

Is this merely Latin American US imperialist policy ongoing?

What’s Russia thinking? We end this discussion covering larger picture China ahead.

Welcome to this week’s metal and markets wrap, I’m your host James Anderson of SD Bullion.

With us this week a returning recent guest to this bullion related podcast: Professor Steve HankeCo-Director of The Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise.

We spoke about a month ago, and as I told you in one of our prior correspondences, I did not think we would come back to you so soon. But this latest major news in Venezuela (involving Russia by proxy) brought this call on.

Professor Steve Hanke is a leading expert on the subject of hyperinflation, ongoing hyperinflation data. Professor Hanke has been an adviser to 5 foreign heads of state and 5 foreign cabinet ministers. He also served on President Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisers.

Mr. Hanke even worked first hand with the then Venezuelan President Rafael Caldera in 1995 and 1996 before Hugo Chavez took over in 1999.

I’d like to start with the larger picture here if we could.

Following World War 2, Venezuela was one of the most prosperous nations the region had. Things began to change for arguably the worse in the 1970s and 1980s.

Motivados por la necesidad de rescatar la democracia e institucionalidad en Venezuela, Cedice Libertad coordinó a un grupo de profesionales vinculados a cada área para crear documentos que sirvan de punto de partida para las reformas que necesita el país.

Estos documento fueron elaborados con el propósito de promover discusiones y acciones para lograr instituiciones en beneficio de los venezolanos y que contribuya a generar una dinámica socioeconómica que nos permita transitar la vía hacia un país desarrollado.

Las áreas clave del estudio para aplicar estas propuestas son:

  • Reforma fiscal

  • Reforma monetaria

  • Reforma de la industria petrolera

  • Reforma de las instituciones públicas

  • Reforma de la seguridad social

Esta publicación fue elaborada en 2017 por el Observatorio Económico Legislativo de Cedice Libertad. Su contenido puede ser reproducido, parcial o totalmente, siempre que se mencione el origen, autor de la misma y sea comunicación a nuestra institución. Para ello debe citar a Cedice Libertad y su programa Observatorio Económico Legislativo.

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