Ideas in action

«The only way to change the path of society is changing the ideas» – F. Hayek

We are an independent, private, non profit organization, founded in 1984 by people compromised in defending individual freedom, private initiative, respect for property rights, limited government and the pursuit of peace.


Disseminate, educate, research and defend the principles of free markets and individual freedom to build a society of free and responsible individuals


We strive to attain a Venezuela free and prosperous, where the life, freedom and property of its citizens is protected


Liberty / responsibility / tolerance / respect / equity / ethics / pursuit of peace

What do we want?

Show to a larger amount of Venezuelans the virtues, benefits, applicability and practices of the fundamental principles of economic, political and social freedom, high related among them.

We also want to let know our country’s only alternative is a liberal democracy, whose final goal is the full enjoyment of individual freedom by each human being, in a system based on voluntary cooperation.

Become a member, contribute with resources or in kind, volunteering. New voices supporting these ideas are fundamental to keep the flame of Freedom alive.

What do we do?

Innovative programs in pursuit of a free society, to change the ideas:

  • Formation: for youth, millennials, children, journalists, leaders, entrepreneurs, women, communities. Training in schools, high schools, communities, non-profits, professional associations and diploma courses in universities.
  • Dissemination: editions, publications, national and international events, bookstore and library.
  • Knowledge creation: Academic committee, research, debates, public policies to promote a free and prosperous society.
  • Liberty and democracy observatories: tools for tracking, surveillance, monitoring and propositions on economy and law, private property and public expenditure.