Barriles de Papel No 245: Caras Famosas que pasaron por Oxford2021-11-04T08:51:26+04:30

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Barriles de Papel No 245: Caras Famosas que pasaron por Oxford

John Dougill grew up in Grimsby and has spent the rest of his life getting as far away as possible. He currently resides in Kyoto, Japan, where he is professor of British Studies at Ryukoku University. His student days took place at Leeds University and Queen’s College, Oxford, in the heady days of the early 1970s when the future beckoned with golden arms.

He completed his education at the University of Life when he spent a year travelling round the world: Nepal and Bali were his favorites. As a teacher, he spent three years in the Middle East and seven years in Oxford before moving to Japan in 1986. In addition to the books listed here he has produced twelve Japanese college textbooks and ‘Gentleman and Hooligan: The British on Film 1921-1971’ by Ryukoku Univ. Press. He completed a PhD in English Literature in 1993, and is now consumed in the fascinations of Japanese spirituality. Amongst his hobbies are chess, haiku and visiting Shinto shrines. He has a particular interest in the spirit of place


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