TAFTA The Case for an Open Transatlantic Free Trade Area

Foreword by José María Aznar

In today’s world, prosperity, freedom and democracy cannot be properly understood without resorting to the United States and Europe. In addition to historical, cultural, human and emotional bonds, we share common values that are essential to our societies: the defense of individual freedom, human rights, democracy, the defense of peace. The more united we have been, the more our societies have progressed and helped the world to avert the threat of Nazism and Communism. Today, this is all the more evident in the area of security in which, together, we stand as the best guarantee for our freedom and that of our allies.
The deep economic crisis that we are enduring on both sides of the Atlantic has demonstrated the importance of the transatlantic economy in the global context and has shown just how integrated European and American economies are, adding to the relevance of this relationship for our societies. Accounting together for over 50% of global GDP and 30% of world trade, the US and Europe are to each other the most important trading partners.

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